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Flooring Repairs and Installation

Carpet Stretching

Sometimes unsightly ripples, waves or lumps can appear in your carpeting. BozFloors can restretch that carpet, give your carpet many more years of wear and tear as well as have your home looking beautiful again in no time.

Carpet Repair

Did you know most people assuming carpet can't be repaired?
Who wants to waste money unnecessarily on new flooring when it can be fixed and you can get many more good years out of it?

Water/Flood Restoration

Have you got water damage? Contact Boz Floors and start a conversation to determine the most cost effective method of replacing the water damaged carpet.

Stain Removal

Have you tried unsuccessfully to have a stain cleaned? When it can't be cleaned, remove it. BozFloors has the equipment and know-how to replace a section of stained or damaged carpet.

Carpet Install

Are you needing new carpet installed? Is the carpet beyond repair or no carpet to begin with?

Carpet Fitting

You may require refitting existing carpet after a renovation. Or putting carpet where there was none before? Boz Floors can help

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carpet restretching
Bring life back to that well worn carpet!

Don't let a bit of loose carpet ruin the aesthetic of your room, get Boz Floors to stretch the carpet out and give it new life!

New carpet installation on stairs

Not only can Boz Floors restore damaged carpet, we can install brand new carpet as well!

carpet restretching
Can you go surfing on your carpet?

Do you have waves and loose carpet lifting up from the underlay? Boz Floors can lift the carpet and stretch it back out, so you can wave goodbye to waves!

tears and fraying
Can we repair carpet that’s starting to unravel?

We sure can! Joins, seams, and edges can sometimes start to unravel, we can replace the damaged section and have it neat and tidy in no time.

join seperation
Is your carpet coming apart at the seams?

Boz Floors can repair carpet thats fraying, ripped, torn. You name it.

New Vinyl Install
New Vinyl Installation

Need some new vinyl installed? Boz Floors can do it.

chewed carpet repairs
Rodents or animals chewing your carpet?

Its easy to think this would ruin your carpet, but Gary has the tools, techniques and know-how to fix a wide range of seemingly repairable problems

stain removal
Can’t clean those stains out?

Don't make the costly mistake of replacing the entire carpet! We can replace just a section and "clean" that spot out of existence.

replacing a section where a fire place was
Professionally refit carpet

Boz Floors can re-fit carpet after a renovation to have it looking like it was always meant to be there.

Does your carpet need repair?

Don't waste time and money on complete new for old replacement, repair can look just as good if done right, and at a fraction of the cost of installing new carpet.


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